Preventive Car Maintenance and Inspection

You have been saving for a long time to finally own the car of your dreams? Then it sure is smart to protect your investment by turning to regular preventive maintenance and inspections. In so doing you:

  • Avoid major and costly repairs with basic and relatively low-cost maintenance practices.
  • Protect the manufacturer's warranty, which is never unconditional, as everyone knows!
  • Ensure your safety on the road and increase your vehicle's performance, all the while safeguarding its resale value.
  • Improve fuel consumption. A well-tuned car is more fuel-efficient and reduces your ecological footprint.


For more information, contact Garage Beauport at (418) 663-7054

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equal payments

Including installation and balancing in stores, environmental fees and applicable taxes for selected products.

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equal payments

Including, if applicable on selected products, installation and balancing in stores, environmental fees and taxes.

See more about financing plan