Vehicle Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

Air conditioning is certainly a must for car passengers in hot weather conditions. But air conditioning does a lot more than just keep you cool. It also allows the defogging of windows by dehumidifying the air in the passenger compartment. So the proper functioning of the air conditioner plays an essential role in keeping you safe. That is the reason an adequate level of refrigerant gas in the AC unit is so important. A regular maintenance of your vehicle's air conditioner aims just that: spotting any leakage of refrigerant caused by the drying out of gaskets, or other mechanical failures. Beyond ensuring your comfort, the regular maintenance of the vehicle's air conditioning system can help you avoid costly repairs of key components later on.


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equal payments

Including installation and balancing in stores, environmental fees and applicable taxes for selected products.

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equal payments

Including, if applicable on selected products, installation and balancing in stores, environmental fees and taxes.

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