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Auto Braking System Maintenance and Repair

Driving habits play a significant role on how fast a vehicle braking system will wear. It becomes practically impossible to determine, for instance, after how much mileage a brake pad needs to be changed. However it is recommended to have your braking system checked at least twice a year. What matters most is to have brake components inspected before any malfunction occurs.

Maintaining the brake calliper and having a brake fluid change, along with a thorough cleaning to remove all corrosion can ensure the proper functioning of your braking system and avoid major repairs down the line. The fact is a braking system cannot avoid wear, but pads, discs, braking strips, springs and drums that benefit from regular maintenance will last much longer and keep you safer on the road.

Some of signs that the braking system needs to be inspected:

  • The brake pedal touches the floor, or almost;
  • The braking system light turns on to signal brake pad wear;
  • Your brakes are weak and the pedal feels spongy;
  •  You hear a grinding sound and feel vibrations when braking.

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