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Auto glass and

V1 auto takes care of the complete maintenance of your car including windshields and auto windows. Whether it is for a repair or a replacement, we offer service for cars, trucks and RVs. The windshield experts at V1 auto will save you time and money!

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Repair or Replace?

Replacement is not always necessary. Whether to save time or money, a repair might be enough. At V1 Auto glass, specialists will be happy to advise you. Our technicians have obtained a high-quality certification to carry out the repair or the replacement of your vehicle windows, including the windshield.

Other types of glasses


Side window

Rear window

RV glass

Truck window or
heavy machinery

Insurance and costs

In most auto insurance contracts, when "all perils except collision or upset coverage" has been purchased, there is no charge for windshield repair. In addition, we can process the claim with your insurance company on your behalf.

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